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Season 12 Episode 4: Meaty Muscle Massacre 5 




Muscle Domination Wrestling recently acquired a new talent of massive proportions; that much is known to Braden Charron as he steps in the ring to stake his claim as the top bodybuilder on the roster. He hits a big double bi envisioning who his fellow bodybuilder competition might me. He slides into a sweet side chest, wondering, “Will he be as big as me? Will he be as strong as me?” When his opposition does romp into the ring, Braden looks surprised and introduces himself a little tentatively. When his lumbering opponent remains silent, staring Braden down in lieu of introducing himself, Braden adds, “You must be Specimen, well fuck, big bastard.” When a two-hundred twenty pound, massive bodybuilder, cannot hide his shock at discovering the magnitude of his opponent, it indicates what a man-beast the opponent is. Specimen is just that, a two-hundred seventy pound, damn near Minotaur, muscle freak.


Braden smells a beating. When Specimen finally speaks, it is with extremely confrontational words, “I heard you’re supposed to be top dog here.” Braden nods a “that’s right,” and attempts to deflect the hostility of Specimen by ordering him to hit a few poses. The heavyweight hits a front double bicep, then without warning, closes in on Charron. The Minotaur grasps his arms tightly around Braden and flaunts his strength by hoisting him in a reverse Bearhug. From that position, Specimen tosses Charron in a German Suplex. “You’re the best they got huh?” Specimen mocks, yanking Braden into a gigantic quad Leg Scissors.


Zoning in on Braden’s back Specimen lifts the smaller bodybuilder in his big Bearhug. He lifts Braden high and squeezes long and hard. Specimen’s squeeze seems to force sweat out of the pores of Braden thick back as it gets crushed from the incredible arm power of his heavyweight opponent. Specimen makes lifting the over two-hundred pound Braden easy. The man-beast practically throws Braden onto his shoulders and marches him around the ring, slowly and in total control. “They didn’t tell me I was facing a giant,” Braden whimpers, before getting snapped into a camel clutch to further crush his back. As a back beating is concerned, Specimen realizes the dynamic between crushing the back and sucking the air out of his opponent’s lungs. He strings together moves, one crushing the other constricting (sometimes both simultaneously) and find his rhythm to be a constant balance between the two. This is the methodical dissecting nature of the man-beast Specimen. The Minotaur is proving himself as top dog as well as a fearsome competitor and threat to any lesser man, as he cranks the leg pressure on another lung constricting Scissors.

Working the back and breathing of Braden, Specimen flips Charron into an over the shoulder Back Breaker. The muscle freak even applies the hold with one arm, showing his monstrous super-human strength. Specimen is in no hurry to finish Braden off, making sure each stretch and squeeze is felt by the smaller bodybuilder. The big freak offers a freebee shot to Charron, who takes it with gratitude and pounds his most powerful strike, a big forearm, right into the chest of Specimen, who seems to barely feel a thing. Another freebee lets Braden wrap his arms around Specimen in his own reverse Bearhug. “I can barely get around you, you’re so thick, I’m usually top dog,” Braden struggles to mutter as he tries desperately to keep his arms clasped around the heavyweight bodybuilder. Specimen breaks the hold and gets Braden back into his reverse Bearhug. Braden starts to beg “no more,” and Specimen puts him to sleep in a tight cradle, but is far from done with him. Specimen is exploding out of his trunks and is sufficiently pumped to unleash a barrage of carry around the ring Bearhugs. Braden is starting to give, and Specimen is starting to destroy. The top of food chain is making his presence felt in a big way, reserving no amount of power or energy, simply mangling Braden. After reducing Braden to a limp ragdoll, Specimen still continues to deliver bigger and bigger Bearhugs, sending the message that a new alpha male top dog has arrived and he is here to rule Muscle Domination Wrestling.

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