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Season 7 Episode 2: Glove Fetish Beatdown 3

Enrique is desperate to get himself a match with any competitor on the MDW roster. Little does he know, lurking in the locker room is the massive 210 pound MDW newcomer Braden Charron.


Clad in MMA gloves, Enrique’s been working on his boxing skills, so he’s confident he’ll have the tools to take down even the largest of foes. Standing in the ring throwing punches, he’s practically painting himself a target for the hulking Braden to make a name for himself. Braden confiscates the gloves from his 150 pound opposition, transforming the dauntless Enrique into an intimidated plaything.


Braden, invigorated by the feel of his new gloves, punishes and pulverizes the body of his far frailer prey. Vastly superior in size, Braden is able to effortlessly control Enrique, leaving him unable to defend his abs from a flurry of blows. Sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and hard, Braden pounds Enrique into total submission.


Unable to shrug the big man off, Enrique submits again and again, acknowledging his muscle god’s superiority, and his right to be the man with the gloves.

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