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Season 15 Episode 3: Power Move Punishment 4




Two muscle bound strong men, Braden Charron and Darius are set to go head to head for the first time ever. Braden brings a nasty heel attitude to the ring. From the moment he gets the advantage on Darius Braden does not let up. Simmering elbows drops to the back and over the knee back breakers begin to soften Mr. black muscles up.


Darius is stretched out, full body hard and ripped, over Braden’s knee. Charron is not taking any chances with the big black muscle man. He wants to remain in control and be the one executing the power. Body slams come at a high rate as Braden seeks to destroy his opposition, Braden works deep long Boston crab variants, flexing all the while, admiring his handiwork, and Muscle meets brick muscle when Charron snaps on a bear hug and throw Darius up like nothing.


Braden grabs hold of the ropes for extra leverage to work on stretching out the thickly muscled Darius. Charron slams his opponent down with authority and cements himself as the alpha man with an intense flex. Darius is at a breaking point and is skin rippling, muscle exploding, and ready to jump his veins out of his skin, as Braden takes him for a ride and submits him with pure power. Charron is in true form as he picks apart the supple muscle stud Darius. His flexing indicates a thorough enjoyment of the process of making Darius give. A mighty torture rack puts Braden in prime position to knock out his equally muscled opponent. Braden controls the tide of this bout, and wants to deliver a fantastic flex show as he celebrates his victory.

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