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Season 41 Episode 1: ZZZ 20



Enormous physiques are on display! Braden Charron is the big bodybuilder behind mask number one and his masked opponent is thick muscle freak Damien Rush, whose choice of mask leaves no doubt that Rush intends to be the villain to Charron’s good guy persona. Both combatants look massive with the highlighting effects of the wrestling masks, though even without this accentuation it would be perfectly obvious that these are some big boys. 


From the opening bell, Damien is an absolute menace to Charron and while Braden is no stranger to losing a match, he definitely seems stunned by the new sensation of being manhandled. Rush is really channeling the power and feeling himself in his punisher role, hoisting Braden into a Bear Hug that bends Braden’s back to a sickening arch. Rush refuses to let Charron loose from his massive arms, walking him around the ring, crushing Charron’s massive body until the good guy starts to fade to the pain. When Braden comes to, Damien resumes the beatdown, unleashing a barrage of physicality with heavy strikes that stripe Braden’s various rock hard muscles with the colors of combat (black, blue, and red). Rush claws his way into Charron’s physique, digging into the rag-dolled bodybuilder with merciless conviction. Between moments of beating Braden down and depriving him of oxygen, Damien takes time to admire himself, flexing his impossibly huge biceps with the relish of lording over his prone opponent. To say that Rush is enjoying himself would be an understatement and the masked infused potency seems to give Damien godlike power, which the arrogant villain uses to leave Braden breathless over and over again. In several ways Damien strings together actions aimed at humiliating his dominated prey, compelling Braden to flex his oxygen deprived muscles is one such method of adding insult to injury. The ultimate humiliation in this circumstance however is Damien’s design of stripping Braden’s mask, as Charron is powerless to prevent the heel from having his way. Damien continues to have his way with the now exposed bodybuilder until finally the repeated instances of Rush snoozing Charron, becomes a definitive nap that Braden will wake up from long after Rush has left the ring. 


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