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Season 20 Episode 4: ZZZ 9




Look no further for a beautiful pair of contrasting muscle men than internet celebrity Steel Muscle God and brown bull Mateus Shogun. Dan (SMG) is cocky as hell, his long flight from Romania having not diminished an ounce of his vintage arrogance. But Mateus, since day one at Muscle Domination Wrestling, has shown himself to be a natural born shit-talker. As the two men square off, the trash talk and flexing begins and neither stud will be upstaged, rubbing their biceps together ensuring that the opponent knows exactly how rock hard their muscles are.


“So strong!” Shogun remarks, as he gets his first feel of the infamous muscle god. When Dan applies his heavily touted leg scissors, he lets Mateus in on a rule he had neglected to mention. “By the way, there is no tapping out,” he laughs as Shogun suffers, quivering at the implication of such a dirty stipulation. Muscle God loves squeezing Shogun’s purpling face between his massive quads, letting Mateus know “You’re going to be in between my legs for a loooong time.” Shogun struggles and squirms but Dan is having too much fun to let his prey escape. “I bet by the time we’re done you’re gonna worship me good,” SMG cackles.


Dan lets out an evil laugh, continuing to make Mateus scream in pain, still trapped in the God’s thighs. Steel Muscle God never needs to release his first leg scissors, even after four minutes have passed and Shogun’s voice begins to crack with parched throat screams. Rather, the muscle god rotates his legs all around Mateus’s neck and body, taming the olive skinned beast, making him feel the full strength and diversity of painful scissors positions. “They don’t call me the master of leg scissors for nothing,” Dan explains.


All the leg scissor torture is for more than the satisfaction of having Shogun’s face pressed up against Steel Muscle God’s crotch however, as Dan moves into the next phase of his beat-down plan. Yanking the wounded muscle foe to his feet, SMG slithers his pythons round the neck of Shogun, a ZZZ hold! The Romanian describes his plot to drain Mateus of every ounce of strength he has. Shogun, having been stuck between SMG’s thick thighs for so long has to dig down deep to find the strength to pry Dan’s muscled arms off of his neck. As Mateus works towards loosening the grip, Dan simply clamps it on more tightly, expertly displaying what a true ZZZ hold should look like. This is only the beginning of a long imposed nap time and worship for sexy stud Mateus, Courtesy of the only Steel Muscle God.

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