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Brad Barnes

List of Matches:

Costume Bouts 4

It's Masked Mayhem in the MDW ring as Brad Mascaras and Starblaizer throw down in a battle of wills.

Oil Hunks

Brad Barnes is pure hunk, handsome and muscular.Enrique quickly learns that when this hunk wants an oil worship, he won't take no for an answer.

Back Buster 1

Brad Barnes decides that beating tony Law and looking remarkable while doing it is going to require a plan of ultimate submission.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 2 

The Mountain destroys muscle hunk Brad Barnes completely- Rearranging his face, getting his hands all over his body, and knocking him down off his high horse.

Six Pack Bash 8

Damien Rush has taken up a job as a fitness instructor. Overseeing Brad Barnes ab workout he cannot help but get himself involved.

Over the F**n Line 3

Brad Barnes is an anvil jawed muscle hunk used to getting his way, but he's about to get sunk treading in Muscle Master Kevin's waters.

ZZZ 12

Kevin finally gets his merciless hands all over a contest shape, shredded to the bone, Brad Barnes.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 6

Muscle hunk Brad Barnes is talking some serious trash in the ring, claiming that his muscle cannot be beaten.

Big Bear Hugs 4 

Bryce's back is decimated by a brutal Brad Barnes.

Fantasy Heels 7

Pathetic little runt Hunter James is doing sorry squats in the MDW ring, probably trying to beef up for longer abuse sessions with all the alphas.

Oil Hunks 10

Two massive egos collide backstage at a bodybuilding competition resulting in a competition of strength to see who will be #1 and who will oil their huge shredded muscles up

Oil Hunks 5

Total Muscle God Studs Brad Barnes and Cal Bennett square off in nothing but towels! Their muscles are rippling and bulging as they exchange barbs of muscle and power talk

Super Men 6.3

Our Hero has tracked down the evil dweeb Dr. Nefaro and is ready to punish him. Little does he know he is about to be filmed, tortured, and unmasked in a diabolical scheme to broadcast his defeat to the world.

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.49.51 AM.png

Oil Hunks 16

Two fan favorite absolute hunks go head to head when their egos prove to be as inflated as their shredded muscle. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 7.47.42 PM.png

Oil Hunks 17

Xander taunts and mocks Anvil jawed Brad Barnes, making a contest of strength inevitable.

Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 10.19.03

Oil Hunks 20

Two muscled studs clash in contests of strength with the loser set to oil up the superior muscles of their opponent.

Six Pack Bash 10

A villainous and frail dweeb is dead set on working over and punishing total alpha hunk Brad Barnes and his ​tanned up contest shape physique- Making sure by the end of the punishment it was his thin frame getting worshipped by the stud.

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