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Season 8 Episode 3: Costumed Bouts 4

Brad Mascaras looks Jacked in his black and gold mask. He claims to wield a fearsome power from his nourishing mask, an intimidating concept considering how mammoth those mouth watering quads already are. 


No masked man can be great though without proving the head gear's power in the ring or on the mats. Lucky for Brad, he does not have to wait long before another masked wrestler, Starblazer, arrives to demonstrate the power of his pink mask and impeccable abs. A flex off proves an edge for Brad Mascaras, while an armwrestle contest begins to go Starblaizer's way - that is until Mascaras sits out of the contest into a slick armbar; an expert at switching between painful holds, he yanks the pink mask right between his thick thighs and gains a serious upper hand. Continuing to apply pressure the head and neck, Mascaras applies a crab-sleeper variation, transitioning between a bulky bicep chin lock and a full fledged, air constricting choke, which is made to be even more painful when he re-wraps his juicy legs around Starblazer.


With his nasty trash talking and dominant attitude, Brad Mascaras assumes the role of he-man heel. He works his way around the body of his moaning, grunting (and sometimes screaming) opponent turned plaything, ever favoring to work the back with crabs and camel-clutch variations. He saves the real pain for last, painting the 6 pack abs of Starblazer a solid crimson hue. His empowered body shots are ruthless, and his continued splash and squeeze style pounds the fight right out of his opponent in the pink mask and trunks, and proves that Brad Mascaras has the right to squash anyone he wants to. 

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