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Season 10 Episode 1: Bodybuilder Humiliation 2



Jock bodybuilders think they are the shit. Brad Barnes, the cocky muscle bound stud is used to getting respect. He expects an extra dose of respect and worship when he strips down to his tight purple wrestling trunks, as he shows off the whole package with a front double bi. "The champ is here" Barnes proudly proclaims, moments before he bears witness to his opponent.

     Marching his way down to the ring is the bane of bodybuilders, the man who humiliated Braden Charron, the 400 pound Mountain. The big behemoth questions whether pretty boy Brad even knows how to wrestle. "Do you know how to lock up?" the savvy fat man baits the ego driven Barnes. Brad charges in and is repelled by the massive monster and tossed onto his perfectly sculpted ass. "Oh what's up! You're so big and bad?" the Mountain taunts.

     Brad finds the power to break Mountain's side-headlock but is shoulder driven to the mat for his efforts. Before Brad can makes sense of the overwhelming force the Mountain can generate, he is propelled off the ropes and scoop slammed in the center of the ring with authority. Brad clutches his back in agony, looking upward, stunned and fearful; the Mountain stomps Brad's handsome face with disdain. "What are you gonna do now tough guy?!" Mountain shouts, with his massive meaty arm firmly wrapped around Brad's neck. With his ego on the line, Brad finds the will to work his way out of the headlock with strong elbows to the Mountain's midesection, however he makes a mistake trying to send Mountain into the ropes, as Brad is reversed by the overpowering monster heel and met with a boot to the face, that puts the once arrogant jock on the back of his neck.

     "You must work out huh? You think your stronger than ME? The Mountain walks around stomping and intimidating Barnes; Brad does not even have the fortitude to defend his muscles as he is pulled into a massive leg scissors that threatens to crush the ripped jock clean in half. "Your so cool with your abs!" the Mountain barks, lifting his enormous leg up and smashing it down across Brad's hard abs. "You're not in my league" Mountain boasts before hitting a powerslam on the bodybuilder Barnes.

     The Mountain makes a clear distinction between pain and humiliation. When he wants to be imposing and vicious he uses headlocks bodyslams, sleepers and scissors. But because being dominant is not enough to teach the jock bodybuilder a lesson in humility, the Mountain insists on applying some more sinister tactics to couple with his bodybuilder beatdown. He yanks Brad's trunks high up his ass and asks "You gonna cry for mama? does mama wear purple underwear like you?" Barnes can only struggle fruitlessly while moaning in distress. The only action the Mountain breaks his smiles and taunting for is to bite down into the thickly muscle arm of Barnes! The wedgies continue until Brad's trunks become a thong; Mountain uses the thong to yank Brad to his feet every time he wants to punish him more. "I'm just the better man! And you ain't nothing!" the Mountain asserts, as he grabs Brad's arm and prepares some muscle by muscle destruction....

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