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Season 34 Episode 3: Oil Hunks 16



Man Joey Justice looks good, but damn so does Brad Barnes. Justice is not putting up a front when he leans back, bringing his arms up into a double bicep pose with an equally arched grin shot in Brad’s direction. Joey simply reeks of pure confidence, backed by a wealth of grappling knowledge. True, Barnes is no slouch, always physical to the maximum degree, fueled by something akin to a hulking rage that often leaves opponents broken and fans bedazzled.

This is the type of matchup that makes us ponder the winning odds either wrestler has over the other and even thoroughly dissecting the match on paper can do nothing to stave off the fresh excitement of seeing these cocky personalities clash, which imminently they do.


The buildup simmers as these two hunks haul their egos and square off chest to chest, in a strength contest, the interlocking finger lacing grip battle known as mercy. Veins visibly outline the dimensions of muscularity between Barnes and Justice as neither one is backing down. Overhand, underhand and laterally spread wingspans encapsulate the throbbing desire for victory and domination, a desire which cannot be settled in one contest alone and accordingly serves as a launching pad for arm-wrestling.


Biceps are popping as Brad and Justice rent, yank and pull at one another’s massive gun levers. Joey is peaked! That bicep looks like a mountain of diamond, now try breaking that! Barnes has the compact size and unspeakable power to make things interesting, even snatching a round on Justice. Overall the two are evenly matched enough but the edge goes to the bigger man and that’s Joey. Brad evens things up with a strategic groin shot, in the form of a punt whilst Joey was busy playing by the rules. Now Joey is getting stomped by Brad, who locks in a crippler crossface submission. Under serious fire, Justice summons a deep reserve of beastly might, beginning to burst out of Barnes’ submission. But Brad is quick to divert his surprise with impulsive blows to the back, thereafter applying a modified abdominal stretch.


Justice eventually does overcome and overpower Barnes, taking control for the moment by bashing Barnes off the post, slamming gut shots into Brad’s chiseled midsection and reciprocating with a submission move from mixed martial arts, the arm triangle. Brad dupes Justice into relinquishing the hold by seizing the ropes, then regains control, but blows his lead by flexing in self-admiration as a downed Justice rises and locks in a full nelson. That full nelson stretches Barnes to a bursting point and culminates in Brad spread on the mat defenseless and suffering. Justice smoothly transitions to an armbar that rocks Brad’s world. Brad calls on his final reserves of strength but will it be enough to take control once and for all, or is Justice the man this day? One thing that is certain, the loser will worship the winner with oil and the winner will be loving every second of it.

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