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Season 16 Episode 5: Fantasy Heels 7




Pathetic little runt Hunter James is doing sorry squats in the MDW ring, probably trying to beef up for longer abuse sessions with all the alphas. Not far off is a focused former good boy with a new top attitude. The musclebound freak Brad Barnes makes his way to the ring and demonstrates appropriate squatting form, with James on his back!


“Barnes picks up the bar that Hunter has been squatting with and asks, “What the fuck are you doing with this, my dick weighs more than this.” Brad asks the little runt if he wants to see a real leg workout, throwing James into his tree trunk quads, crushing Hunter’s little head against his crotch and thighs. Barnes is super aggressive with the little guy. The bodybuilder is intent on putting the tiny shit in his place. “Tell me these legs are massive” Brad gloats. “They’re massive!” Hunter screams like a submissive pussy boy. “I know they’re massive.”


If Brad were not so incredibly hot being a dominant alpha, one could almost feel a touch of sympathy towards the tiny squirt James. “How does it feel to be my little bitch huh? Tell me you love it.” Brad whispers. “Say it!” Brad screams.” James has no choice but to say he loves it. Given his runtly disposition and Barnes’s alpha male attitude, the little guy must genuinely love every second of punishment Brad delivers.

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