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Season 35 Episode 1: Oil Hunks 17



Both Xander and Brad Barnes are fan favorites with massive egos. Brad, the anvil jawed classic wrestler, and Xander the new all star are both pretty full of themselves. Naturally neither is willing to back down so it comes to a contest of strength, with each giving their all through a variety of challenges. Of course the flames of passion are ignited from the moment two men strip down to posing trunks, with fire raging by the time the flexing starts, Brad asserting himself with a bicep pose as Xander tries to hold his ground. 


The hunks are all smiles as they take it to the mats and get underway interlocking their massive guns for an arm wrestle. Brad’s back leaps towards the eyes with three-dimensional bulk as he squeezes the long powerful arm of Xander. Through concealed strain the men trade barbs while trying to grasp victory, Barnes and Xander both hate to lose and love to win. 


Barnes laughs his victory into the reddened face of Xander who in spite of his giant height, falls victim to the stocky powerhouse in a mercy contest. Xander is annoyed yet undeterred and gets right back at it, interlacing fingers with the mighty Barnes.


Barnes is amped, coiling round Xander’s waist from behind and heaving the taller man off his feet, sending him plummeting downward with a powerful suplex. As Xander attempts to stand Barnes locks his chin and cradles Xander’s leg, which leads to a delayed fisherman suplex! “Doesn’t matter if you’re 6’5 when you’re on the ground!” Barnes locks in a crippler cross face submission which Xander is barely able to loosen from his compromising position and when he does begin to break free, Brad repositions himself, tightening the cross face and yelling, among other things, that Xander is his little bitch. Brad feels victory in his grasp as his foot finds Xander’s handsome face amid the squeeze of a headscissors submission. 


Discontent with the contests, a cheap shot is made and the two come to blows, wrestling in an all out war of their muscled bodies to see who the top dog is- And of course the loser will have to oil the other up real well in an acknowledgement of defeat. 


Missing a huge splash, Xander is able to take control from Brad whose muscle body just crashed into the mat with nobody home. The momentary lapse from Brad could prove costly, but with the stakes high and humiliating, neither stud can afford to say they give, as the oil rubdown awaits the king of the ring at the loser’s expense.

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