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Season 17 Episode 3: Oil Hunks 5




Total Muscle God Studs Brad Barnes and Cal Bennett square off in nothing but towels! Their muscles are rippling and bulging as they exchange barbs of muscle and power talk. Dressing themselves in tiny square briefs the ripped gladiators go to battle with an arm wrestling match. The muscle strain is intense when these gods clash. The Adonis men test strength in a mercy battle; as things heat up the bodybuilders roll into a tussle and begin to wrestle. Brad takes control, asserting total alpha dominance over Cal, showing the superiority of his in ring experience. “Go to ZZZ you little fucking bitch!” Brad screams intent on putting his boy out. Barnes grabs the oil, “let’s make you useful for something.”


Cal makes it to his feet and knows the stakes. “Alright you won fair and square,” he relents, accepting the oil from Brad. The taller tatted muscle stud oils up and muscle worships the glorious body of Barnes.


A while later Cal is back and bigger. Brad is there ready to go and both men are in jocks. Bennett immediately asserts himself with his new strength. “How about a rematch?” he asks after walking around with Barnes on his shoulders and flexing. Cal wastes no time mounting Brad and implementing his offense that climaxes in a ZZZ hold that pacifies the muscle hunk Barnes. Now as Barnes wakes up he knows the rules. It is the shorter muscle hunk’s turn to take the oil and worship the muscles of the god winner. “Fair is fair, get these abs.” Cal commands. Brad does well to oil up every inch of his opponent, walking off in the shame of defeat.

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