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Season 13 Episode 5: Meaty Muscle Massacre 6




Muscle hunk Brad Barnes is talking some serious trash in the ring, claiming that his muscle cannot be beaten. One fired up Mr. Black Muscles Darius pops in the ring and instigates the fight right away. “Nice cute panties you got on, where’d you get em from your girlfriend’s closet? Darius teases, asserting himself as the man. Barnes shrugs off the insult and questions whether Darius can back up his talk with wrestling, to which Darius responds, “You’re about to find out.”


The two jacked up men collide and Barnes locks up a quick hammer lock, which Darius breaks with a swift stomp to the gut. Mr. Black Muscles then ties up Brad’s arm in his own hammer lock. Barnes grabs the rope and implores Darius to break the hold which he does. Brad offers up a test of strength but delivers a kick of his own to the chiseled midsection of Darius as the big black muscle man attempts to grab Brad’s hand. Brad uses this momentary stun to lock on a front headlock, but with absolute power Darius hoists Brad into the air and drops him into an over the knee back breaker. The powerful muscle man shoots a flex in Brad’s direction bellowing, “Come on brotha let’s get it!”


Darius is clearly locked in the zone and came ready to bring the fight. Brad, realizing his the tenacity of his opponent employs a new strategy, shoving Darius from a lockup right into a standing leg scissors, but the rippling muscle freak busts out of the hold before long and send Brad crashing to the mat.

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Incredulous, Brad locks up again, revving up his own tenacity, slipping behind Darius and applying a reverse Bear hug which he takes down to the mat and turns into a body scissors. Darius’s big beefy body is too hard at this point to wear down effectively so Brad pursues a more exclusively limb oriented hold with a single leg Boston Crab. Upon incorporating the Darius’s other leg into the hold for a full on crab, Brad discovers that Darius is still much too powerful to be held down as Mr. Black Muscles uses a pushup to power out of the submission. Brad quickly powerslams Darius to the mat to soften him up, then drops an elbow for good measure. The muscle hunk then stands Darius up and into his Bear hug to drain some energy out the muscle man, but Darius reverses the hold and slams Barnes to the mat!

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