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Season 9 Episode 2: Back Buster 1

Tony Law has heard the rumors that Brad Barnes may have jumped the fence and become a heel by beating the life out of Enrique. Law, feeling abandoned in the pool of jobberdom wants to show everyone that Brad Barnes is no better than him, just a lot more muscular. He calls up Brad and issues the challenge. The newly much cockier and confident Barnes accepts, knowing that anyone can beat Tony and especially himself. Barnes has a tall task however, which is trying to make a statement by beating Law, something that so many other wrestlers have managed to do in emphatic fashion. He decides that beating Law and looking remarkable while doing it is going to require a plan of ultimate submission.

As Law steps foot into the ring, Barnes immediately blind sides him, sending his forearm right into the painted target, Tony's back. Brad has heard Law yelling cries of submission before, saying "I don't bend that way!" Well Brad is set on making Law bend whichever way he sees fit, wrapping his massive arms around the lean twink, starting to work the lower back as he hoists the blond jobber onto his shoulder, driving tons of pressure into the spine. Tony finds himself gasping for air as his oxygen supply is cut off by the tight grip of Barnes, who relents on squeezing to deliver a back drop suplex, before applying a scissor hold across Tony's back, with his impressively thick quads.

"See this gun?" Brad taunts as he squeezes harder. Tony foolishly reaches for the ropes but Brad is quick to chastise him, "There are no ropes in my ring" Brad grabs hold of the ropes that he revoked for Law's usage and gathers extra leverage on his leg scissors, showing the ripped twink what a real man uses ropes for. Brad loves to show his power and delivers a spinebuster that has Law reeling. Not letting up for even a moment, Barnes scoops Law up to his feet by the hair and whips him into a corner, where he drives forceful shoulders to Law's six pack, further taking the wind out of the jobber. "And now, this corner!" Barnes send Law fully across the ring, his back smashing the turnbuckles without a moment's repsite as Brad comes charging in with a spear, drilling Tony's back further into the post, before Brad hoists him out and crushes him with another debilitating spine buster. Tony pants for breath grabbing his destroyed back and wondering when the beating will end. Brad Barnes is just getting started though, forcing the twink into a back breaking camel clutch, "How's that back feel now!" he snaps, treating Tony's body as his play thing.

Brad is not just working the lower and mid back, he also makes sure that plenty of pressure is applied to the top of the spine as well, with ddts and brain buster vertical suplexes. "The way I see it, your back really controls everything, so when your back goes, you go!". Brad applies this philosophy throughout camel clutches, crabs, spine busters, back breakers, and a plethora of leg scissor variants that strain the every part of Law's back. Brad shows an extensive knowledge of wrestling body slams and back busting submissions and when the Torture rack comes out he has tony screaming like his bitch, that wants the endless back breaking string of submissions to finally end. Tony submits again and again to the power and strategy of Brad Barnes. Barnes ultimately gets everything he wanted and more, definitive proof that he is the better man in every way and that off all the men to stomp Tony Law's sweet twink ass, he made him feel the most pain.

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