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Season 14 Episode 1: Big Bear Hugs 4




Lean and mean Bryce Barrigan is bringing his street fighting grit back to the ring. Stocky, beefy Brad Barnes is intent on ruining Barrigan’s come back party by submitting him in his first match back. Bryce is undaunted by Brad’s bulging physique, rather he is quite confident that his height advantage will serve as more of an edge than massive muscles. Barrigan marches his 6’2 frame right into Brad’s face and stares him down, or rather down at him. Brad his unimpressed and jibes “Where’d you get the bicep, the thrift shop? This (flexing his enormous arm) is what a real bicep looks like.”


Brad lures Bryce into a flex performance. Cocky Barrigan is quick to oblige hitting multiple double bicep shots. He is arrogant enough to turn his back on Brad, who did not come to flex off, but came to destroy his opponent in a wrestling match. Brad snatches Bryce in a bear hug from behind! Despite a huge height discrepancy, the shorter but much more muscled Barnes lifts Barrigan high in the air and begins to squeeze the air out of his lankier opponent’s lungs; the match has started whether Bryce is ready or not.


Bryce struggles to get his feet back to the ground while still in the clutches of Barnes. Finally he manages to touch down again, but immediately Brad hoists him straight back into the air, redoubling his powerful squeeze. The savvy street fighter uses a veteran tactic, hooking his long legs around Brad’s tree trunks. He is able to leverage his way back to the mat but is still trapped in Barnes’s tight grasp. Brad senses that Bryce is beginning to loosen his hold and quickly shifts his weight, throws his hips back and launches Bryce into a back body drop.


All wind escapes from the lungs of Bryce, having suffered a long intense bear hug and a big slam to the unforgiving mat. Brad yanks his suffering opponent back to his feet by the hair and sucks him straight into another bear hug, this time a front squeeze. After a high lift and a wrenching squeeze, Brad tosses Barrigan down, follows him the ground and crushes the shit out of him on the ground in a rolling grounded bear hug.


Feeling frisky, Barnes launches himself off the ropes, dropping a leg across the neck of Barrigan, who just cannot seem to find his footing since suffering the early devastating bear hug. Speaking of bear hugs, Brad snaps on another high lifted bear hug, his small compact frame inflicting serious damage on the leaner, taller fighter. “You really pissed me off with that comment,” yells Brad, referencing Barrigan calling him a bitch. Becoming unnecessarily dirty, Brad starts tugging the dark black hair of his opponent, then mounts and crotch to crotch bear hugs Bryce.

Adding extra pain to his sequence of excruciating squeezes, Barnes hugs Bryce against the ropes, pressing the hard black wire deep into Barrigan’s lengthy torso while constricting the air flow to Bryce’s lungs with his powerful forearms. Not granting a moment of rest for Barrigan, Brad launches the street fighter by his shiny black trunks, with a vicious suplex. Brad hump squeezes Barrigan against the turnbuckles and grinds his crotch into Bryce’s ass for added humiliation. The stocky stud leans all his weight onto Bryce, bear hugging him all the way down to the mat, where his thick physique is seen to be twice as thick as his outmatched opponent’s.


Brad has rediscovered himself as an unrelenting tank of a man. His power based wrestling style knows no limits. “No more!” Bryce pleads after Brad bear hugs him across his boulder shoulder and slams him into the mat yet again. Brad enjoys the sound of Bryce’s cries of submission but likes the sound of suffering even more and decides to work Barrigan’s lower back with a Boston crab. Not only does Brad apply the hold and seat himself down deep onto Barrigan’s back, he also leans back and pulls Bryce’s lengthy legs damn near to his head.


The sadistic onslaught begins to rise further in intensity as Brad splits Bryce’s legs across the second rope. Barnes slaps Bryce like a bitch and then cow girl bear hugs the bitch in the corner, thrusting, humping and squeezing his helpless prey. Barnes knees Bryce’s exposed crotch hard, then goes back to squeezing. The action is non-stop as the match reaches its climax and indeed the match is filled to the brim from start to finish with an electric pace and plenty of monstrous bear hugs!

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