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Season 8 Episode 5: Oil Hunks 1

Brad Barnes is pure hunk, handsome and muscular. His Purple and black trunks can barely contain his beefy ass cheeks as he steps into the MDW ring to await his opponent. When the lean, long, Gautemalan Enrique, enters through the bottom rope to meet the beefy hunk, Brad points out that only women enter the ring that way and commands that Enrique leave and re-enter properly. Enrique, ever the obstinate trouble maker laughs at the demand and at Barnes, mocking his ring etiquette, retorting "so you think you're the shit?" with a devilishly impudent tone of a cocky little fuck. Enrique does not even manage to hold back his snicker practically laughing at Barnes.


"I am the shit" Brad affirms, evoking another spirited smirk and chuckle from the ripped Gautemalan who is yet to comprehend that Barnes is serous. The two men tie up; it is clear that Brad Barnes has a major size advantage as he locks lean Enrique into a tight, reverse bearhug right away. Evidently, the Gautemalan's haughty laughter and conceit were enough to piss Brad off and send him into destruction mode. Barnes is not in the mood to take shit and his indomitable grip reflects that, crushing Enrique who sturggles hopelessly and in vain to escape the muscle man's massive arms. Brad mercifully releases the hold and grabs the oil. The muscle hunk instructs Enrique to submit an apology in the from of muscle worship! Still not having learned his lesson Enrique has the audacity to refuse his muscle master superior. Again, he goes as far as laughing in Barnes's handsome face.


"You think I'm fucking around!" Brad scoops and slams Enrique into oblivion, realizing that he needs to drill the respect into the Gautemalan punk. "I'm fucking pissed now" Barnes chokes Enrique on the ropes and grabs the oil for a second time; he starts the rub down himself pouring the oil on his leg before commanding that Enrique finish the job. When the directive is once again refused Barnes loses his temper, snapping a back crushing camel cluth on Enrique and damn near detaching his head from the rest of his lean, ripped body. Following up that back cranking maneuver, Brad adds to the back punishment with a thunderous vertical suplex. Enrique, finally losing some his cocky steam begins to submit to Barnes, rubbing the oil into his monstrous quad. Before long though, he regains some composure and ceases the worship. Time for the big moves then.


Along the way Barnes throws in an anatomy lesson so the Gautemalan can learn which parts of Brad's body to worship; this is accomplished by Brad tearing into Enriques limbs like a hungry lion, to give a hands on, tactile lesson. The lean Gautemalan has never worked harder in all his life than this brad barnes beating and having to work his hands through all that muscle, well before the match's climax he is dejected and submissive, but nevertheless his initial defiance seems to have awakened the heel in Brad Barnes, as we see him standing triumphant, a glorious muscle god, prime for worship.

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