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Cal Bennett

Cal is available for:

-Custom matches

-Private matches

-Custom Videos

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List of Matches:

Six Pack Bash 6

Put everything you know about Damien Rush aside. The former pampered, naïve, daddy’s boy has undergone some major maturation creatiing a powerhouse.

Oil Hunks 5

Total Muscle God Studs Brad Barnes and Cal Bennett square off in nothing but towels! Their muscles are rippling and bulging as they exchange barbs of muscle and power talk

Oil Hunks 7

Kevin James has come to MDW to make a name for himself, knowing it is the place for muscle hunks to prove who the strongest is.

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.00.43 PM.png

Hazed and Humiliated 15

Cal looks hot in a jock and even hotter getting his abs and balls bashed in by the malicious Guido!

Fantasy Heels 5

Contest ready Braden Charron and tatted rookie hunk Cal Bennett are sharing the weight room (also the mat wrestling room) at MDW headquarters

Daddy's Home 4

Pretty boy Cal Bennet gets stripped, bent over, spanked and put in his place by daddy Thrasher.

Daddy's Home 3 

Rookie sensation Cal Bennett finds his way into the ring with the Mastodon Morgan Cruise.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 6

Pretty Boy Cal gets assaulted by the jealous, overweight, and angry Mountain.

ZZZ 16

Master Kevin teaches tatted stud Cal Bennet the meaning of humility. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 1.01.37 AM.png

Oil Hunks 18

Cal Bennet's lean muscles compete with the chiseled beef that Joey Justice is bringing to the table. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 11.55.35

Big Bear Hugs 6

Big Zack A and handsome stud Cal get into a feud and Zack decides he's not only going to defeat Cal-he's going to crush him.


ZZZ 18

Damien Rush lays handsome stud Cal Bennet low with a slew of underhanded tactics and holds.

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