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Season 20 Episode 2: Oil Hunks 7




Kevin James has come to MDW to make a name for himself, knowing it is the place for muscle hunks to prove who the strongest is. Cal Bennet, though impressed by his incredible, massive, contest shape physique- isn’t prepared to turn away from a challenge. The two of them go head to head in arm wrestling, Kevins huge arm making Cal strain incredibly to not go down immediately. Kevin’s striated, perfect muscles flex as he puts Cal down not once, but twice, frustrating the smooth stud. Cal brags his left arm is his good arm, only for him to be promptly defeated there too, and dejectedly move on to a mercy strength challenge. Needless to say, Cal can’t keep up with the absolutely enormous muscle god, and he is brought to his knees in submission after a brief struggle.


The two agree its time for the main course: Wrestling- With Cal certain his speed will win out over brute strength. However as soon as they begin Cal low blows the muscle juggernaut, knocking the air out of him, and promptly mountains him with a sleeper. After draining Kevin’s massive muscles of air, Cal gives a cocky flex and its on to round 2.


This time Kevin isn’t playing around. He comes at Cal with too much aggression for him to counter with any cheap tricks. Raw muscle throws the lighter Cal around and quickly gets him in a hold, squeezing tight as vengeance and putting him down.


The two plunge into the third round, with Kevin changed into a tiny black pair of posers to put his intimidating build on full display. Cal fends off a few moves, before Kevin finally silences him for good, throwing him around and clamping on a hold. And to the victor goes the spoils, which in this case means Cal oiling up all Kevin’s rock hard muscles before his contest. Kevin goes through a posing routine, flexing as he is oiled, before carrying Cal off in a show of dominance.

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