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Season 32 Episode 2: Big Bear Hugs 6



In the perfect battle of contrasts, a smooth, tattooed, fair skinned and lean Cal Bennett, is met by the hairy, bulky muscled, tanned and unmarked Zach Altovito. Zach informs the self-admiring Bennett that he looks good but not great and that Zach has seen better, undoubtedly in reference to himself. Confident Cal looks no further than to point out his strong shredded midsection to contest Altovito’s uncomplimentary words. Zach perks up at the suggestion of Cal’s abdominal strength and asks if Cal can take a hit to the gut. Bennett approves, but soon is bent over coughing in regret, after Zach hammers a thunderous shot to his bricks. “I don’t think they took that to well,” Zach chastises, hands on hips, as Cal recovers his wind on one knee. 


Helping Bennet up, then splaying out Cal in a corner, Zach assesses the damage. “They look pretty good,” the hairy bodybuilder commends, pummeling another earth-shattering shot square into Cal’s instantly reddening six-pack. Playing off the pain, “I’m good,” Cal lies. Altovito then makes sure Cal is less good by hoisting Bennett off his feet in a powerful reverse bear hug. 


The hairy macho looks like a forest bear on a tear for honey. Cal and his abs are little more than a victim for the powerhouse, being swung back and forth then thrown down with authority to the mat. More punishment flows from beast to Bennett, the latter looking laughably powerless in Zach’s mighty arms. Altovito continues to work Cal over, even compelling the tat’d stud to perform crunches so that his abs might be strong enough to take some abuse. Unfortunately for Bennett, Altovito is a stern trainer and shoves Bennet back to the mat with each successful rep performed. Zach verbally tears into his victim, assuring Bennett that his crunches were the worst he’s ever seen. 


The big beast pummels Bennett every which way, especially emphasizing stomps, punches and rear bear hugs to soften and destroy the midsection. Amidst the abdominal torture, Cal is subjected to a number of other painful positions, but as always, endures with the never quit attitude of a true handsome baby face. In spite of Cal’s best efforts to survive, it is only a matter of time and bear hugs, before the absolutely dominant monster claims the last of Bennett’s fight.

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