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Season 18 Episode 6: Daddy's Home 4




Sexy Singleted Cal Bennett awaits his new wrestling trainer at the MDW facility. The tattooed stud is puzzled when smoking hot Matt ‘Daddy’ Thrasher struts into the ring. “I was supposed to have someone train me but it can’t be you, your too old,” remarks Bennett. Cal thinks Daddy can’t hang. Thrasher is just the sort of muscle bound older guy to show young punks that with age comes experience.


Thrasher quickly shows who is in charge, stripping down to an ass bearing jock and easily mounting the young kid Cal like a dominant top. Daddy has Cal all wrapped up in his meaty quads and iron arms; after a few minutes Bennett must concede that he underestimated his veteran instructor.


At every moment Daddy looks poised to take Cal’s ass whenever he wants it. Daddy pins Cal down from behind prison style, yanking the young punk up by his neck until Cal wails “you’re my daddy!” Dominant Daddy is totally in control, unstrapping Cal’s singlet and ultimately removing it entirely, revealing Bennet’s hot ass jock. Thrasher can’t help himself; he spanks that ass and flexes over Cal. Thrusting his manly body into his pupil, Thrasher dispenses a valuable lesson in wrestling hierarchy. To drive the lesson home Daddy takes the boy over his knee and dishes out a stern spanking to Cal’s bare ass. Bennett knows who owns him as this is a session he will not soon forget.

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