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Season 19 Episode 6: Bodybuilder Humiliation 6





Cal Bennet is a well put together, handsome, lean, fit stud who would draw the eyes and respect of anyone passing him on the streets. This is exactly the kind of man that the Mountain loathes the most- Attractive, well put together, and diligent about maintaining a healthy body. Cal has everything the Mountain lacks other than one thing- Size. And size is the one thing Mountain needs to make every asset of the hunk Cal, completely meaningless.


The revolting Mountain, assaults the stud- crushing and throwing him around with his massive size and strength. Even as he gets the stud to cry out and grimace in agony, the Mountain is not satisfied. He gets his sweaty hands and physique all over the lean hunk, something that utterly disgusts Cal- To be manhandled by this abominable mass of fat.


As if that weren’t enough, the Mountain begins a demented assault on Cal’s senses, shoving his gross pits in his face, submitting him to the pungent odor time and time again. Even as Cal bemoans the fact the Mountain clearly hasn’t showered or applied deodorant in recent history, his face is buried in his pit as he is dominated, demeaned, and ultimately- utterly destroyed.

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