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Season 36 Episode 1: Oil Hunks 18



Cal Bennett, handsome, athletic and spirited, is a little undersized against the predatory Joey Justice, who is finding his footing in the world of wrestling after a successful run in mixed martial arts. Cal is confident but Justice is downright alpha. Still, both men insist with equal conviction, that the title of strongest and sexiest belongs to him. The studs test their self-glorification with tried and true strength contests. Arm Wrestling is fierce, ultimately yielding an edge to the heavier 240+ pound Joey. Bennett still thinks his self-admiration is warranted and if both men were of equal weight, the outcome would be different; a flex-off should shine the light of victory on the truly superior specimen. 

Naturally, as if born to it, Cal commands center-stage, posing his abs and biceps like an Adonis. Unfortunately for Bennett, Joey Justice is hardened by the flames of combat and stoked on violence. Joey is unable to watch as Cal flows through his routine. Suddenly, Bennett is trapped in the bear-claw like grip of Justice. A full nelson rends the tattoo studded stud, stretching his core to a beautiful burst. Bennett is bashed from one post to another, scoop slammed, gutted by knees, attacked with grasps of power and minced by well-trained grip strength. Joey’s arsenal of attacks is expanding, but Bennett is no quitter, asking, “is that all you got?” As it turns out the mma legend is equipped with more than a lexicon of strikes and submissions, as posing oil is present to adorn the ultimate champion of strength and power.

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