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Season 35 Episode 3: Hazed and Humiliated 15



Cal Bennett is a hot tatted stud and he knows it, not ashamed to strut around after a good workout in nothing but a jock. However, the vile Guido is in the locker room today and, spotting the stud striding about in the revealing under garment, is quick to mock him, all too eager to break down the handsome studs ego. Thus begins Guido Genatto’s insult accompanied onslaught. 


The shiny domed dirty daddy stretches Cal's body out, embarrassing him by exposing his ass, and punishes his balls without a shred of mercy. Bennett’s abs and pain tolerance are pushed to their absolute limits and he is left a handsome but broken mess. Before Bennett endures the trials and torments of the nasty Genatto, he makes a valid point in response to Guido’s mockery, “It’s the locker-room man, what do you expect?” As Cal’s hands issue with outwards palms, from their clasped position atop his jock, the tatted beauty Bennett assumes a questioning posture with an open, confident attitude, as if to ask Genatto, what’s wrong with looking this good? With Bennett’s bare all stance, one can’t help but notice the only other garment on Cal’s ripped body, a knee brace. Undoubtedly this visual is not missed by the savvy heel across the ring, in spite of Guido’s intent focus on Cal’s jock-strap. 


“Why you so focused on this?” Cal presses the dirty daddy while pointing to his bulge. 

“Oh Fuck You!” Guido responds, stomping Bennett’s gut, rounding him up into choke hold. Almost playfully, Guido takes Cal to the mat, thick hairy arms round Cal’s porcelain neck. The Italian wrestling pro lays his weight across Bennett’s back and settles into the beat-down declaring, “That’s right, take the wind out of you, make you nice and docile.” An alarmed Cal is fiercely fighting to free himself of Guido’s grip, but the heel’s heels dig past Cal’s knees and cinch his grip further. Bennett’s breath of reprieve is extinguished as Guido’s thick legs coil round Cal’s disappearing waist. Bennett’s deep vibrato laments his pain, locked in a leg-scissor that is mincing Cal’s muscled midsection. 


With Guido glued to Bennett’s back, one submission settles into another and another and yet more. Legs round Cal’s waist quickly transition to Guido threatening to break Cal’s arm in cross arm breaker hold. “You’re gonna break it!” Cal cries to an unrepentant Genatto, who lifts a leg to crash it back down over Bennet’s reddened six pack, then locking his arm-breaker back in, torqueing the shoulder against its socket. Cal can’t help but flaunt his perfect body, as he squirms and writhes desperately in Guido’s grasp, and the jock-strap struggles at least an equal amount to keep Cal contained. 


“Not the knee!” Bennet wails with dirty daddy setting his sight towards a sadistic calling. Guido savors the seconds proceeding his targeted attack on Cal’s injured knee. A dramatically drawn out bow and arrow submission tests Cal’s fortitude, as the heel gleefully, menacingly, bends and snaps his victim to the beat of a war-drum. Guido watches crippled Cal attempt to gain his feet, all the while taunting and challenging Bennett to try and escape. Bennett fails to escape but does succeed in standing up, a victory short-lived as dirty daddy upsets Bennett’s balance by plucking Cal’s good leg, compelling Cal to hop around on his injured side, up until Cal collapses with Guido’s weight imposed upon him. Before Cal is even aware of what the nasty hazing heel is up to, he finds his sexy self at the mercy of an inverted figure four, applied by a merciless Genatto. The absolutely filthy ring veteran soaks up the pleasure of the damage he inflicts, reaching the height of ecstasy while re-breaking Bennett’s injured leg. Cal cannot hold on and submits to the dirty daddy, but dirty daddy is in some kind of mood and the match continues…

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