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Season 6 Episode 7: Six Pack Bash 1

Bryce Barrigan has evolved into a fucking jerk, he stalks all passers-by in the MDW hall, waiting to instigate a fight. You can imagine his delight upon encountering the known muscle-jobber boy toy Tony Law, working out his abs no less. It is not long before Barrigan cheap shots Tony and begins enlisting the aid of ringside weapons to beat down the muscle twinks's six pack abs. Bryce is really mean, showing no concern whatsoever for the wellbeing of Law, sending him through wood, beating him with foreign objects and throwing him outside onto the hard floor for further punishment. It is this indiscriminate aggression that Bryce unleashes on Tony's abs, outlining every ripped detail in hot red, until finally Tony submits, swallowing his pride. No one can be better than Bryce Barrigan, not in any way, show him your strength and he will break it down with mehtodical precision. There is no moment of respite afforded to Tony as he wilts and groans under the abdominal onslaught.  As Bryce beats on Law's midsection amidst cries of "I give!"  he wonders if the bitch was even worth it... 

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