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Season 33 Episode 3: Six Pack Bash 11



Xander prides himself on his shredded physique and tight abs. So naturally when Flash Lacash catches him showing off in the ring, the sinister wrestler decides to catch him off guard and truly put those abs to the test.

He throws him into the corner of the ring and delivers a slew of blows from every angle. As Xander really starts to hurt he even bring out some new boxing gloves to see if the tall studs abs are just for show or not- Striking hard and fast.

Even as Xander struggles to maintain his cool, flipping to his feet, the facade isn't long to last- With his face betraying pain and his breathing becoming more labored by the moment.

In the end he is splayed out in the ropes and struck mercilessly until he slumps and his left sprawled back unceremoniously- A stark contrast to his cocky self not long before.

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