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Season 12 Episode 3: Six Pack Bash 5




Ab Man is back in the ring, oiling down his six pack, pounding his own midsection like a gorilla. As the oil sprays to and forth from his abs with each strike, he personifies invincibility, indestructibility and hardness. This animalistic display is part of Ab Man’s invitation to anyone that wants to step in the ring and test his solid abdominals for themselves. The mean and tough former bodyguard Sebastian Flash is the man to answer that challenge. Flash hurls a few insults at Ab Man and then a whole many more strikes, all towards the midsection. There is an understood silent agreement between the two wrestlers that this is not going to be just any athletic contest in the ring, but rather an all-out abdominal assault; the winner will be Ab Man if he can sustain all the punishment Sebastian has planned for him. Conversely Mr. Flash will be victorious if he can smash those abs to smithereens.


Ab Man, competes in a mask to highlight the rest of his sensational body, but he is actually a mainstay on the MDW roster and has loads of experience heading into the contest. Sebastian has comparatively far less experience in the ring, but is used to breaking a few arms and snapping a few backs; he feels plenty confident that breaking down a midsection, albeit a rock hard one, should be just as easy. Flash’s ego may not be too far ahead of his skill as far as his assessment is concerned. He backs Ab Man into a corner very quickly, plunging his way into those abs, then flipping the ab stud out of the corner with a violent snapmare, where the masked man is left prone on the mat for a high launching elbow drop, right across the abs. Ab Man shows he can hang, his six pack can take loads of abuse before he gives, hell, he even expects that Flash will simply gas out before he can get the job done.


Sebastian shows that the depth of his arsenal is fearsome, even if he is a relative rookie. The big bodyguard mounts his opponent and begins all out wailing on Ab Man’s abs, “This is so much fun.” Flash appears to be in a frighteningly blissful state. He lands fifteen strikes to the abs before Ab man retorts in laughter “is that all you got? These are abs of steel!” Sebastian loses his cool, sets Ab Man up on the ropes for repeated elbows, and then applies a variation of a dragon sleeper as a means to deliver more bone-crushing elbows, finishing his sequence off with another capitalized elbow drop. The Maestro has found his sharp tool of preference, but that does not inhibit further strikes of every variety to Ab Man’s pack.

An over the knee sees the masked man’s six pack stretched into an eight pack, as they become exposed to more hard elbows from Flash. Sebastian snaps on a bear trap leg scissors, lifting and crushing down with his meaty quads, and hams, once again entirely focused across the midsection of Ab Man. This is not the masked man’s first rodeo though, and his abs and heart are both equally strong as he chooses to endure further and further punishment in the hopes of attaining victory. Sebastian is focused though and enjoying every moment of sadism he gets to impose. When his hands grow tired of grinding against those hard abdominals, he switches to stomps and elbows, and if he gets bored of stomps and elbows, then he drives his shoulder into Ab Man’s midsection. The fact of the matter is, Ab Man’s tremendous six pack is starting to wear down, growing redder and redder. The sheer volume of strikes thrown with conviction into the midsection of Ab Man is unprecedented. Sebastian really prefers to utilize submission holds for the sake of throwing more punches and elbows, which makes this match virtually 25 + minutes of non-stop ab pounding action, where one wonders how Ab Man’s six pack abs can endure such an onslaught.

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