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Season 14 Episode 4: Six Pack Bash 7 




Stefan Ramos is the owner of chiseled abs, making his MDW debut courtesy of an invitation for a private wrestling match with Steel Muscle God; Ramos fills the roll of cocky hard bodied rookie in need of a serious beat-down. When Stefan’s abs of steel meet the Steel Muscle God, someone will get their metal bent.

Stroking his abs the Romanian hunk Ramos declares in a cocky whisper “It’s so hard.”

Waltzing into the room SMG questions the rookie hunk “What’re you doing, you think you got good abs?” SMG slaps Stefan’s abs and challenges him to a test of strength. The muscle gods begin the match. Steel Muscle God overpowers Ramos and throws him down. Ramos quickly finds his feet and gets right back in SMG’s face, but the muscle god is ready for him and pounds a solid uppercut deep into the midsection of Stefan. Ramos falls over clutching his muscled belly. Veins bulge from the rookie’s tightly ripped body as he heaves out sighs of pain. “Come on get up!” SMG shouts. When Ramos does, SMG buries another fist into Stefan’s abs, this time, knocking the wind out of him.

Slap! Another blow lands to Stefan’s six-pack, this time the bare foot of Steel Muscle God crashing down. SMG thrusts a claw into Stefan and grabs himself a handful of abs. “This is just the beginning,” the muscle god informs his wincing, pained opponent. “Does it hurt?” SMG taunts. “Yes but they’re strong!” Stefan insists.

The Romanian muscle god is happy to hear his opponent has some fight in him and some resiliency in his abs. Pulling the rookie’s hair back, SMG stretches out Stefan’s torso and digs in an ab claw. The seasoned dominator pounds the rookie’s abs with smashing forearm shots. Stefan’s abs are already red from the abuse, yet still he gets to his feet and flexes with pride and a wounded face. SMG helps him back down to the ground with a thunderous punch to Ramos’s flexed abs. SMG digs his knee into Ramos, flexing, declaring, “this will be a lesson to everyone that thinks they have great abs and can handle me.”

Ramos is given free shots to SMG’s abs but the muscle god “does not even feel it,” and quickly regains control, driving his knee into Stefan’s back and yanking him into a bow and arrow submission, stretching the abs and pulverizing the back of the rookie. Stefan’s reddened six-pack becomes a veiny eight-pack while stretched to the max. As impressive as his abs look, Ramos cannot help but cry out in pain as SMG adds a claw to his already torturous bow and arrow hold. The master of pain and domination digs his heel into the rookie’s lower abs whilst he admires his own.

In a dragon sleeper hold SMG gives a warning to any would be opponent’s while in between palm thrust strikes to Stefan’s muscle gut, “I have no mercy, whatsoever, when it comes to destroying some fucking abs!” Slap! Crunch! “I feel my fingers going deeper into that tissue,” SMG states while admiring his handiwork, pressing his claw further into Stefan, who is still trapped in the dragon sleeper.


The destroyer punishes the rookie with vicious elbows to you know where, then takes a seat on Ramos’s back, trapping the outclassed Ramos in a camel clutch and sinking in another ab claw in the process. When the hard bodied rookie is too tough to give in at the behest of SMG, the muscle god lifts the rookie and slams him in an over the knee back breaker, which leads to another hardcore stretch and of course a series of ab claws up and down each individual muscle of Stefan’s midsection. “Tell me that you still find it easy,” SMG mocks while grinding his knuckles into Ramos’s really reddened abs. When the muscle god pulls away his fist, the remnant of his powerful hand is visible like a portrait on Stefan’s midsection.


SMG continues to pound and pulverize the rookie’s much vaunted abs into oblivion, but he employs many tricks and techniques that make this ab bashing session an engaging, torturous affair. Steel Muscle God is an expert at dissecting one body part while implementing many classic wrestling holds in the process. Stefan’s back is worked over with repeated OTK’s, Boston crabs and camel clutches, but is never free from the continuous ab assault of claws, punches, forearms, elbows and knees that barrage his midsection for close to 25 minutes. MDW roster be warned; the Steel Muscle God has arrived.

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