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Season 11 Episode 1: Six Pack Bash 4




Mr. Black Muscles, Darius is bursting through the skin with unbelievably ripped muscles. The premium muscle man strikes a few mind blowing poses, awaiting his opponent; he is strong, pumped and focused. In spite of Darius's insanely peaked biceps and outrageously low hanging pecs, the mouthwatering, 8 pack abs of the dark Adonis are what reel the eye in. There is no doubt that this package presents formidable opposition for any would be challengers. It would be a wonder if even Darius could inflict damage to his own rock hard body. His opponent, Bryce Barrigan, is well aware that penetrating all that muscle may be a tall task and decides to take a different approach, in an attempt to tame the man-beast that is Darius. Nonchalantly passing through the ropes and entering the ring, Barrigan sizes up the man he is meant to wrestle and vocally determines "Yeah you'll do, you can be my bodyguard, let's go." Showing the savvy of a seasoned heel, Bryce attempts to pierce beyond the hard, muscled body of Darius, preferring to start in the domain where he holds the advantage, the mind. Bryce is pale, thin and wiry. His sinewy features frequently lull his muscle bound opponents into a false sense of security upon first glance. However, once Bryce begins peacocking up a bit, throwing his chest out, high into the air, and making such a commanding statement towards Darius, the seeds of self-doubt are laid, even in the mind of the cockiest muscle god.

To Darius's credit, in the midst of his bewilderment at the haughty swagger of his seemingly overmatched opponent, he firmly crushes Barrigan's request, "I'm not going to be your bodyguard." Bryce is quick to lay more groundwork of self status elevation, explaining that he is not hiring a bodyguard because he needs one; rather, he is hiring a bodyguard to add to his intimidation factor. The ire growing in the fierce face of Darius is becoming loomingly present; his veins thicken in a pulse pounding pump. Bryce, pushing the limits of Darius's patience, asserts that there is no choice in the matter, Darius will be his bodyguard and will accept whatever Barrigan sees fit to pay him. This last gesture of blatant disrespect evokes a furious forearm from Darius, blasting it into Bryce's chest with a thunderous crack.


Mr. Black Muscles slaps on a hammer lock and cranks it up yelling "when I say no, I mean no!" Bryce begins to experience the difference between feasting his eyes upon the mighty physique of Darius and actually feeling the overwhelming strength of those muscles. The anger still building in Darius prompts him to release the arm lock in favor of a torturous over the shoulder back breaker submission; he sinks in and performs squats with Barrigan suffering in every rep. Bryce moans in agony, is placed on his feet, and is met with an agonizing, flying clothesline. 

"Come on, tough guy who didn't need a bodyguard, get up!" bellows Darius. The macho man who is dominating the action hoists Bryce to his feet, then flips him upside down for a piledriver! At the last moment, Barrigan thrusts his fist into Darius's cock and balls, sending the big man tumbling. Bryce knows he can recover later, right now he needs to stay on Darius and so he does, with a little help from an iron bar he has been hiding outside the ring. He smashes the Iron bar against Darius's iron abs again and again.

"Mother, fucking, piece of shit! Who do you think I am?" screams Bryce, as he hangs Darius up on the ropes, exposing the muscle gods abs for more punishment. Darius begins to understand the mistake he has made in underestimating the unassuming look of Bryce Barrigan, and his abs are about to take the blame for his mistake. Barrigan delivers hard forearms to the impeccable 8 pack abs of Darius, breaking up the beating for just a moment, to return with another weapon. Several shots with an umbrella across the abs of Darius, serve to soften the hardness of the pack; the umbrella begins to break. Barrigan casts it aside and digs hiking boots into the midsection of Darius. It is becoming increasingly clearer that Bryce came prepared to wrestle and has taken every measure to ensure his victory.

Darius's abs continue to get pummeled by strikes, stomps and kicks, only until Bryce recognizes the ease with which he can maintain control of the muscle man by utilizing his tools. "Metal on muscle" Bryce whispers in Darius's ear, as he returns to the iron bar and enduring piece of the umbrella to pick apart the now weakening abs of Mr. Black Muscles. Barrigan is getting off to his utter decimation of Darius's midsection, he loves to feel the muscles softening, his hands getting stronger against them with every punch. That does not stop him from presenting more torture weapons, such as a steel chain which he uses, first to supplement his punches, then to wrap and grind, against Darius's tight 8 pack. The relentless assault is set to continue; at least until Barrigan hears Darius say the words, I am your bitch Bryce Barrigan.

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