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Season 9 Episode 5: Six Pack Bash 3




Darius is fucking ripped and totally shredded. Those mounds of muscle leave no room for an ounce of bodyfat. His six pack is built like solid brick, every single fiber and detail show as Darius flexes his rock hard abs. 
Chace LaChance has also been pumping his guns, he is looking thick and freaky. LaChance confronts a flexing Darius in the ring. "You need to iron anything, bring it right over here" Darius cockily proclaims, flexing his rock hard abs in Chace's direction.

"Flex those abs for me" Chace practically whispers, before laying a full throttle forearm, smack into Darius's granite six pack. "Let's see those abs, show me those abs!" LaChance seeths, clearly having taken offense at Darius's ego. The black muscle god is no slouch though and immeadiately proves that it will take a protracted ab beatdown to make him submit; as his abs take blows he finds openings to punch Chace's own rock hard midesection.

LaChance grapples his way into top position, pinning Darius arms to his sides using his massive legs, and starts to pound away with a flurry of hard body shots. The thud of each strike from Chace's powerful arms striking the ripped muscular abs of Darius is thunderous. Every muscle is defined and straining, with the veins on both men bulging out of their impossibly ripped bodies, as they grapple for position. Chace starts showing more and more aggression as he sits the black bodybuilder in between his powerful thighs and squeezes the leg scissors hold while continuing to rain down abdominal punches. "How those abs now?!" he provokes.

"Is that all you got" retorts Darius; Chace is ready to show he has a lot more to bring, mounting Darius and continuing the ab beatdown. Using pure strength Darius is able to power Chace intot the bottom position and impose six pack punishment of his own. This proves to only infuriate LaChance, who thrusts Darius off and throws straight punches to the muscled ab wall that take the breath out of the muscle god. These shots get harder and harder as the match matures. Both men are intense and looking for the win. Chace is looking every bit the dominant heel and refuses to be shown up by a muscled jobber. Darius, who always puts up an impassioned fight, manages to fire of some offensive abs shots, claws and leg scissors of his own, but it is Chace LaChance who takes control and unleashes unforgiving shots to the midsection. Chace wears down Darius with intense muscular grappling and pins his tremendous arms down time and again to open up total ab abuse all over Mr. Black Muscles. From start to finish Chace drives up the intensity and drags Darius into the light where he gets his abs beaten until finally, every punishing ab blow produces submission.

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