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Darius is available for:

-Custom matches

-Private matches

-Custom Videos

Book him by:


List of Matches:

BDSM Ball Bash 6 

Darius aka MR. Blkmuscles might have been content to check out his hard body all evening, if not for the cocky Tidus, strutting into the ring.

Fantasy Heels 4

Delusional tony initiates a flex off with 100% muscle beef, Darius

Meaty Muscle Massacre 4

Damien Rush is hungry and full of power; he wants the type of match that makes his blood boil

BDSM Ball Bash 5 

An epic battle of Brawn and Balls featuring Morgan Cruise and Darius.

Super Men 2.2

The epic battlle of Good vs Evil continues in the MDW ring.

Six Pack Bash 3

Darius has a six pack is built like solid brick, perfect target for abuse from newcomer Chance LaChance.

Six Pack Bash 4

Bryce Barrigan tears into Darius' perfect abs

Meaty Muscle Massacre 6

Muscle hunk Brad Barnes is talking some serious trash in the ring, claiming that his muscle cannot be beaten.

Power Move Punishment 4

Two muscle bound strong men, Braden Charron and Darius are set to go head to head for the first time ever.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 7

The Mountain gets his hands all over Darius' perfect shredded black muscles.

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