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Season 6 Episode 1: BDSM Ball Bash 6

Darius aka MR. Blkmuscles 5 9 frame is packed with lean muscle from head to toe, from his mountainous biceps, to his chiseled 8 pac abs and he knows how good he looks- checking out his physique in the mirror the moment he arrives at the MDW ring. Darius might have been content to check out his hard body all evening, if not for the cocky Tidus, strutting into the ring.

Tidus is quick to provoke the muscled hunk, asking him what he’s doing in his ring. Darius is quick to retort: “So you know what a real man looks like”. Darius’ smooth delivery makes it abundantly clear that he’s talked down to many smaller guys before.

     Tidus perturbed by Darius’ flexing routine decides to tests the big man’s biceps with strikes. An unflinching Darius bellows “Come on, is that all you’ve got?” As if possessed by a primal urge, Tidus makes an aggressive lunge and is met by muscled arms closing in around him. The two engage in skin on skin contact, as they get a measure of one another’s strength.

     The heaving muscles of the black hunk throw Tidus about with ease, while the arrogant stud refuses to believe his body shots and power slams could be impotent against any opponent. All Tidus needs is one moment of vulnerability, which proves difficult to find with Darius seemingly becoming stronger as the match tears on.

     Tidus challenges Darius with an energy driven lockup. Darius, absorbed by his power advantage accepts, eager to toss Tidus across the ring once more. At this point, Tidus had found his opening, dangling between the hunks tree trunk legs.

     Sinking out of the lockup, Tidus delivers the most significant blow of the match. Thrilled with his success, Tidus unleashes a ball bash barrage, causing enough anguish to bring the studs muscles under his control. As the match wears on, Tidus’ obsession with the balls only grows, fighting through Darius’ attempts to return the package punishment.

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