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Season 20 Episode 6: Bodybuilder Humiliation 7





Everyone knows that Mountain is huge; a gelatinous mass of amorphous protruding here and there throughout 400+ pounds of frame. Everyone also knows that Mountain does not care for pretty boy bodybuilders strutting around their infinitely better physiques, thinking they are the strongest men around and therefore the best wrestlers. With every inch of his fat body, Mountain spews a toxic rage that he harbors against these alpha men, seeking at every turn to humiliate them in their posing trunks for thinking they own Mountain’s squared circle.


What better way to degrade a bodybuilder than rubbing his exposed fat and gross feet over every luscious inch of alpha male muscle. Better still is encountering a freakishly hard and impressively large Mr. Black Muscles a.k.a. Darius, to haze and humiliate. Among regular men Darius is massive. His 210 pounds of chiseled beef dwarfs mere mortals wherever he goes. As Darius enters the ring today he is looking like an ebony Olympian, a sight to behold. But he faces a polar bear foe that hates his guts, all the more so because Darius, dressed for the occasion is outlining his musculature with bold black and green gauntlets and matching tight fitting trunks.


An avalanche sweeps over the ring as the shirtless sumo collides with the black beast. It is an incredible vision witnessing Darius look so outsized against another man, but this man is a Mountain and easily throws his prey into a corner where he rubs his smelly pits up and down the length of Darius’s granite torso. Darius is not deterred however and tries a smart strategy, hammering the Mountain in his overflowing gut. Finding success, Mr. Black Muscles leaps into a strong side-headlock, wearing on the neck of his bigger and taller opponent, while bringing 6’4 Mountain down to his 5’7 level. Ambitious and adrenaline fueled, Darius grips the head and crotch of Mountain attempting a power slam! But failing, he is swatted down for his efforts, thudding to the mat.


The two respective behemoths trade blows, Darius to Mountain’s midsection, Mountain to Darius’s back. Mountain’s big belly seems to absorb shots well; using this to his advantage he finds an opening to Snapmare Darius and wraps his leg like arm around the neck of the bodybuilder. With passionate resolve, Mr. Black Muscles manages to scoop the big bear off his feet! Seizing the moment Darius delivers multiple big splashes, sending his rock hard muscle body plummeting atop Mountain’s mound of mass. Locking on a Front-headlock the bodybuilder seems to be in control, if only for a moment.

Often overlooked is Mountain’s ring acumen (understandably due to the sheer size of the man that is quite difficult to look past). Accomplished as a terror throughout the independent wrestling circuit Mountain is quite the savvy ring veteran in addition to his mammoth like proportions. With proper application of wrestling technique, Mountain is a scary double-threat and as such even a murderous Headlock from Darius is easily reversed into a Hammer-lock by the sumo-bear, regaining himself the edge over his bodybuilder victim (who is putting up one hell of a fight). A Polar Bear Bearhug begins to suck some life from the bodybuilder, who is by no means content to let himself fall victim just yet and after some prying at Mountain’s grip, breaks free and once again topples the Mountain with sheer effort and power. Darius lands a beautiful bicep peaking elbow drop, followed by a well executed Arm-bar submission. But Mountain is too big to keep tangled up, bursting back on top of the bodybuilder, wrenching at that sweet muscled abdomen with his filthy fat hands. Sensing the unceasing fight from Darius, Mountain decides to cool his opponent down with a cheap low-blow! “Come on D!” Mountain shouts. In spite of all the punishment Darius still comes full steam ahead, until Mountain swats him out of the air and crushes him with a 400 pound splat.


With desperate enthusiasm Darius leaps at Mountain and pulls him into his thickly muscled guard. Mountain looks enormous, like a husky in a mouse trap, while briefly sucked into Darius on the mat. He escapes D’s clutches with a vicious Headbutt to the previously targeted abdominal of the bodybuilder. Mountain starts to take control but further contends with fierce fighting from Mr. Black Muscles. When the true bodybuilder beating begins the trash talk flows from Mountain’s frequently stuffed mouth. The slovenly, revolting beast starts to get his way and stampedes over his prey, getting his filthy hands on every inch Darius’s pristinely muscled body.

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