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Season 6 Episode 8: Fantasy Heels 4

Delusional tony initiates a flex off with 100% muscle beef, Darius (that's Duh-ree-uhs). The big black muscle hunk dominates tony, showing him; pose by pose who the superior muscle god is. Following a decisive victory in his favor, Darius realizes there is no official judge or referee to announce the winner of the flex-off. Half a second later Darius lures the naive jock tony into a contest of strength. The two lockup but Darius is quick to display his dominance and applies a side-headlock, squeezing his huge bicep to a vascular pump while tony is made to suffer. The all American twink is melted within seconds - feeling the power of Darius's 18 inch arms, he knows resistance is futile. 


Assuming total control of tony the massive hunk continues flexing while putting tony to worship. With each torturous submission that Darius applies he makes sure to show all of his muscles, as if he were simultaneously crushing tony in both flexing and wrestling. Darius makes tony his bitch in every way, makes him scream his name and has that sweet, tight assed jobber boy exclaiming submission.

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