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Season 8

Episode 1: BDSM Ball Bash 5 

An epic battle of Brawn and Balls featuring Morgan Cruise and Darius.

Episode 4: Hazed and Humiliated 6

Drill Sergeant, Carter Alexander dashes Tony Law's aspirations to join the Marine Corps

Episode 7: Super Men 2.1

he epic saga of hero’s, villains, and spandex continues in this 40 minute Season 2 debut!

Episode 2: Big Bear Hugs 2

Muscle Domination Wrestling has recently contracted several big names, none quite so imposing as a new monster heel - a 400 pound pro wrestler known as The Mountain.

Episode 5: Oil Hunks

Brad Barnes is pure hunk, handsome and muscular.Enrique quickly learns that when this hunk wants an oil worship, he won't take no for an answer.

Episode 3: Costume Bouts 4

It's Masked Mayhem in the MDW ring as Brad Mascaras and Starblaizer throw down in a battle of wills.

Episode 6: ZZZ 2

The Boss and Braden Charron face off in a match that has Charron paying a visit to the sandman.

Episode 8: Super Men 2.2

The epic battlle of Good vs Evil continues in the MDW ring.

Episode 9: Super Men 2.3

The Epic Saga of Super Heel continues...

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