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Season 8 Episode 4: Hazed and Humiliated 6

Tony’s dream is to be a Marine. Lucky for him, drill sergeant, Carter Alexander, has granted the hopeful Law a private appointment in the MDW ring. The naïve baby-face shows up early and eager to prove his worth.


Tony wonders where the esteemed sergeant could be, a thought that is immediately answered by a forearm to the back of the head. Too obsessed with his dream to retaliate, he is subjected to a series of degrading tests: Sit ups in a leg scissors, crunches while his abs are bashed, pushups with stomps to the back, and thrust ups in a camel clutch.


Sergeant Alexander taunts him with OOO RAH’s in between crabs and camel clutches, happily proclaiming that he’ll never be a marine. He graciously offers Tony the only chance he’ll ever get to wear a marine corps jacket by violently choking the blue eyed bitch with his own. Alexander proves to be the crusher of hope, riding tony and his dreams into the mat with a smile on his face.

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