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Season 8 Episode 2: Big Bear hugs 2




Muscle Domination Wrestling has recently contracted several big names. Perhaps none quite so big as the imposing new monster heel - a 400 pound pro wrestler known as The Mountain. Disgusted by the alpha male hierarchy where preening muscle bound bodybuilders sit atop the food chain, The Mountain is ready to crush this accepted conception of what makes a man top dog.


Marching his way down to the ring, expecting a hulking, hunky, pretty boy, The Mountain can barely contain his anger, discovering the only thing more insulting to a man of his stature. His discovery is non other than the 130 pound punk spunk Hunter James, who is already in the middle of a declaration proclaiming that he will start a winning streak that very night. 


James is used to facing men bigger than himself, even men twice his size; The Mountain however, is more Grizzly Bear than man and is quite literally three times larger than his prey. The match hardly has a chance to start before the big man gets to work showing his outmatched victim the benefits of being large; he snaps on a mean, soul ripping bearhug, using every ounce of his massive flesh to squeeze the air from the lungs of James. Hunter can hardly make sense of his fleeing oxygen supply before his scooped in the bearhug and slammed to the mat with authority. Displaying his pro wrestling prowess and knowledge, The Mountain follows through with his bearhug slams on frequent occasion, grasping his opponent all the way down to the mat where he can further compress and squeeze the humanity from him.

Whimsically toying with the little man, the big behemoth allows him to stand and even to attempt multiple clotheslines with all the force James can muster, but when the toying ends, Hunter is violently clotheslined while running full speed into The Mountain. The monster heel barks at Hunter to stand up and taunts him about his purported winning streak. When the little guy does manage to stand, however, he is wrenched into another massive bearhug until finally, he slumps even lower on the alpha male pyramid..

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