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Season 19 Episode 1: Daddy's Home 5




Smoking hot daddy Matt Thrasher has just walked in the door to find that his son Charlie has emptied his bottle of booze with the help of his friend Tom. Needless to say Daddy is not happy. “Who the fuck is Tom? “Daddy demands to know. Charlie stammers trying to find the words that will quell the wrath of his angry father but Thrasher is having none of it. The only way this incident can be resolved is when Charlie’s pale tight ass is reddened and bruised.


Thrasher mounts his son, pinning an arm behind the boy’s back and delivers slaps to the face. “You know what daddy likes and you know what daddy doesn’t like,” Matt exhales over the body of his son, whilst mounting him from behind and then inching his jock laden crotch ever so closer to the boy’s bashful face.


Charlie apologizes; he knows it’s too late to avoid a whooping though, “I’m sorry daddy,” pleads the boy. Daddy lays in a muscle bound beat down, hammering his son into submission. “You can cry all you want but you’re not getting away, not escaping punishment.”


As daddy seeks a sincere apology from his boy he pounds him from behind, “You like taking a beating from your daddy,” Thrasher declares, as he bends young Charlie over is knee, tugs down his shorts and delivers a severe spanking. Bit by bit the boy starts to learn his lesson as daddy disciplines him in all the right ways, leaving his ass sore and red.

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