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Season 14 Episode 2: Daddy's Home 2




Chace LaChance requests admission to the wrestling club. Chace is ripped, hard, smooth and cocky. He knows there will be an initiation match if he wants to work his way in and is expecting to have a rather easy time dispatching any opponent put in front of him. In comes Matt Thrasher. Thrasher is a rugged hunk daddy that speeds from work to the wrestling club. LaChance is unaware that Matt secretly runs the wrestling club and is surprised and even laughs when Thrasher informs him that his opponent is none other than the hot hairy daddy himself. “We had a guy but doesn’t look like he’s showing up” Matt reveals with an impressively straight face. “You might just have to wrestle me.”


When Chace is done getting his laugh he mocks Matt saying “don’t you think you’re a little bit old, shouldn’t you be a referee by now? I wouldn’t want to hurt you or anything, but I do want to get into this club.”


Matt strips out of his works clothes and right into his wrestling gear underneath, red trunks and boots to match. Chace backs up his youthful pep with a quick headlock and hammerlock. “Kid you don’t know what you’re doing” proclaims Matt. Chace peppers Matt with stiff forearm blows. Every other word he utters seems to be old man. Thrasher’s big burly muscles can take the abuse, as he lets the kid have his fun with daddy’s masculine body.


When the two break apart Thrasher lets Chace know that his moves were “not bad.” And that “it’s a good thing I was going easy.” Matt gives Chace a soft slap on the cheek and lets him know that the match is just starting. “Come to daddy” Matt beckons.


The competitors lock up in mercy; Matt begins to overpower the cocky young stud. “Daddy knows what’s best, yeah get down on your knees for daddy,” Matt moans. It is clear that daddy was just playing possum earlier as he begins to make Chace look like his little bitch boy, making him groan in a full nelson. “Who’s your daddy now,” he whispers into Chace’s ear while holding him (which he can do as long as he wants).


While stretching Chace out Thrasher takes a moment to show the boy his place. “You think you’re good enough for this club? You don’t know shit.” Daddy hoists LaChance into a powerful reverse bear hug. He drops him on the mat and mounts him from behind, slapping his bitch boy’s head again and again. “Now you know who’s in charge” Thrasher proclaims as he yanks Chace’s head up by his hair like a true dominant.

Chace realizes he is powerless against daddy. He lets out one final verbal jab, “Fuck you muscle father.” Immediately after Chace is locked into daddy’s legs and really learns who the boss is. “You think you can take it?” Matt questions LaChance while mounting and slapping him. Thrasher wants Chace to know what will be in store for him in the wrestling club. “Scream it, who’s your daddy, you want it don’t you!”


Daddy takes Chace over his knee, slides his wrestling trunks down revealing a jock and spanks his bubble-butt. Chace wants to give up but Matt will not let him teasing, “I guess you just don’t have what it takes to be part of the club.” Daddy keeps Chace locked up around the neck with one arm and delivers kidney shots in between bicep flexes with the other arm. LaChance is completely at the mercy of daddy Thrasher.


LaChance protests that he no longer wants to be in the club, but daddy is already on a mission to teach the young punk some respect. Again Thrasher takes Chace over his knee and slaps away at the boy’s bare ass as Chace whimpers. Getting really serious, Matt strips clean of his trunks so that both daddy and boy are down to jocks. Thrasher shows his jock off up close to Chace as he smothers his face in a school boy pin. “You’re not going anywhere, you’re mine and I’m taking it,” daddy asserts.


Thrasher looks upon the pile of beaten boy he has left lying in the ring and declares “There are only two ways out of this club. We keep wrestling…” and Chace infers the rest. “You’re not good enough for the club but I got some other uses for you,” the sweaty hunk daddy informs Chace as he saddles him over his shoulder and takes LaChance away spanking the ass that he now owns.

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