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Season 20 Episode 5: Daddy's Home 6





Smoldering sexy hunk dad Matt Thrasher is becoming accustomed to constant disrespect from young punks. Former Marine, turned bodybuilder, Tank is one such arrogant youthful prick who thinks Daddy is too old to hang and questions whether Thrasher “can keep up.” Daddy retorts, “You think you’ve got it going on just cause you’re some young big kid?” The first motion Thrasher makes is peeling off his shirt to reveal an unbelievably hot mature muscle body, complete with a perfect hairy chest. Matt flexes his guns and Tank tries to compete, flexing his own biceps. “That’s nothing little boy. You’ve got a lot of attitude mister,” Thrasher talks down like a disciplinarian to an insolent brat.


Tank signed up for a wrestling lesson, but now Daddy, the instructor is thinking he might have to just give a beat-down instead to teach a lesson in respect. Thrasher unbuckles his pants, letting them drop to the floor; now both man and boy are in jocks. Daddy’s first lesson involves mounting the young stud from the front and back. Tank’s face reddens with embarrassment as he’s spanked like a child. Thrasher’s hairy, sweaty body pressed up intimately close to Tank, as dad wraps a pumped up bicep round his student.


The spankings get harder as Thrasher really lays in to Tank’s sweet muscle-ass. This riles up the young muscle man, “Come on old man,” he impetuously grunts while trying to hurt daddy. Tank’s insults earn him further spankings and Thrasher mounts and humps him, slamming cock on balls. Thrasher flips his boy onto his stomach and admires the evident hand prints on the boy’s ass, “Look at that pretty little ass there.” Daddy unrelentingly continues to whap down hard punishment slaps, turning Tank’s ass black and blue.


Thrasher is so good at giving out discipline. He takes Tank from behind and starts slamming his jock-laden cock hard into his boy’s backside. “I’ll show you who’s boss,” he utters ominously, seductively and with authority. It’s all Tank can do to scream “fuck you old man!” Tanks attitude certainly needs adjusting; luckily Daddy is patient and willing to fuck his boy into submission even if it takes all afternoon. Dad pulls son up to his knees by the jock, “get that pretty ass up,” he commands. As Thrasher presses with increasing intensity into the boy, Tank continues to hurl insults in lieu of any offense. It’s almost as if Tank wants to bring all the intensity out of daddy; perhaps the boy is enjoying his punishment. And if that is the former marine’s strategy it is working, because Thrasher continues to lay in mark making spankings to Tank’s bruised boy ass.

While dishing out discipline, Daddy Matt also takes time to enjoy his total control over the muscle boy. Daddy cops long hard feels of Tank’s sweet red ass and splits the bodybuilder butt cheeks to his delight. It’s clear that Thrasher totally owns Tank and can take his ass on a whim. Daddy’s satisfies his hardening cock by slamming his barely covered junk into Tank’s bare ass. Dad grinds crotch to crotch with his mounted son. Balancing, disciple with pleasure and humiliation, Thrasher has a full bag of tricks that includes spreading his boy in an ignominious cradle. Tank contests that he’s never had his ass spread like this before but Daddy doesn’t care about boundaries; Thrasher is here to teach a lesson, give a beating and get off, as he carries his soundly spanked son out of the ring to a more conducive location for what comes next….

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