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Season 42 Episode 2: Daddy's Home 10



Warning – 20 minutes of potentially (very) offensive and explicit fantasy content – Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised


For the Father, the Son, and you thought you knew the rest…


“No matter what your beliefs were, you will be elevated at this point in your career,” High Priest Barboza pauses for a moment, then continues, “Do you understand?” And the black-clad initiate kneeling before His High Worship truly believes he does, little knowing just how much he has yet to learn of the hidden path and its arcane rituals.

Father Barboza hand-feeds a fistful of the communion to the priest trainee who faithfully wraps his lips around the body that his master suddenly proclaims, “This is the body.. of Satan!!” The initiate hardly has time to recoil as Barboza’s dirty hands plunge the unholy cracker deep down the worshipper’s throat not unlike the latter’s days as a choir boy.

Among the other items within reach upon the altar is a glass of wine which turns out to be the life essence of Satan, a fact revealed as the initiate is compelled to drain it dry. The sacrament, having been fully received is the ultimate preamble to what comes next as Father Barboza smears the bewildered initiate’s face against the fine robes adorning his delectably aged bear body, a perfectly pulverizing side-headlock!

A curtain is raised revealing another enigmatic altar item! This time it’s the Baphomet, “This is what you are,” screams Barboza, “Worship it!”

“Not if it’s that,” the former choir boy tries to protest, though his protestant protestations prove to be in vain as Black Mass Daddy has already upturned the cross dangling on his boy’s neck disallowing any new air to be inhaled without utter compliance to the dark ritual.

Then Barboza starts removing his Mitre, unclasping his collar, generally displaying behavior unlike the public ever expects to witness from a holy man. Though it’s hard to blame Black Mass Barboza as he strips himself and his boy down to their gear and ultimately nothing. After all it is hot as hell in the unholy squared circle, the boy has a lot to learn about the oaths he’s sworn, and it’s time to fucking wrestle!


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