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Bryce Barrigan

List of Matches:

Alpha Seduction 1

Young Bryce Barrigan meets up with his mentor Jason Rhodes (AKA Morgan Cruz) on hopes to learn from the best.

Scrawny Runt Destroyed

Jason Rhodes and Master Kevin face off in a long anticipated match, but Bryce Barrigan attempts to ambush the God.

Jobber Fest

After his utter defeat at Master Kevin's hands, Bryce returns to his mentor Morgan Cruz, to up his game. But when stud Damien Rush arrives, he seeks to liberate Bryce in a... unique way

Jock Hazes Slim Stud

When Tony arrives to confront Jason Rhodes, the mentor is quick to throw his underling into harms way(quite literally) once again

Fantasy Heels 1 

Carlos applies to become the Mastodon's new protégé.

Over the F**n Line 1

Master Kevin becomes enraged to discover his caddy lounging at the MDW facility.

Street Fights 1

Putting his street fighting style to the test, Bryce Barrigan Maliciously attacks Hunter James.

Street Fights 2

Bryce has evidently become an angry bully.

Street Fights 3

Bryce has gotten good at beating guys down. The better he gets, the more he enjoys it.

Fantasy Heels 3

Cocky and entitled Damien Rush shows up just in time to catch the end of Bryce’s workout. Administering an impromptu anatomy lesson

Six Pack Bash 1

Bryce Barrigan has evolved into a fucking jerk, he stalks all passers-by in the MDW hall, waiting to instigate a fight.

Super Men 2.3

The Epic Saga of Super Heel continues...

Super Men 2.4 

Supremacist has annihilated every superhero on the planet except fpr Aqua Bryce, But does the surprise return of Super Stud spell defeat?

Six Pack Bash 4

Bryce Barrigan tears into Darius' perfect abs.

Big Bear Hugs 4 

Bryce's back is decimated by a brutal Brad Barnes.

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