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Season 4 Episode 5: Street Fights 3

Bryce has gotten good at beating guys down. The better he gets, the more he enjoys it. So naturally, no one is signing up for matches against him, his new swagger a deterrent to most potential competition. But Bryce is savvy. He knows one well timed arrogant speech is all the bait needed to reel rookies in.

His first catch with this tactic is the ripped rookie Tidus, who is quick to propose an alliance. Bryce entertains the idea, but tells Tidus that he needs to test his skills. Bryce immediately institutes his new arsenal of wrestling moves, working Tidus over while shit talking him. When Morgan Cruise shows up, Bryce has an additional laugh, admitting that the position for his tag team partner was already taken. Morgan is intrigued as Bryce threatens a new devastating submission hold- The Sacribryce.

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