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Matt Thrasher

Matt is available for:

-Custom matches

-Private matches

-Cam sessions

-Custom Videos

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List of Matches:

Daddy's Home 1

Swelteringly hot daddy Matt Thrasher teaches twink boy Theo Devair a lesson in submission.


Muscle Master Kevin decides it's time to knock Matt Thrasher down a few pegs.

Daddy's Home 5 

Smoking hot daddy Matt Thrasher has just walked in the door to find that his son Charlie has emptied his bottle of booze with the help of his friend Tom.

Gladiator 1

The slave has given in; he begins to vigorously jerk his big, gladiator dick.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 5

Sexy Daddy stud Matt Thrasher just had to tease his fans, sporting a total he-man leopard print pair of trunks for his big matchup.

Daddy's Home 6

Smoldering sexy hunk dad Matt Thrasher is becoming accustomed to constant disrespect from young punks.

Daddy's Home 2

Chace LaChance requests admission to the wrestling club.

Daddy's Home 4

Pretty boy Cal Bennet gets stripped, bent over, spanked and put in his place by daddy Thrasher.

Daddy's Home 7

Rock hard Morgan Cruise announces impending domination. Cocky as ever, Cruise has no clue that his opponent will be an equally unfelled wrestler by the name of Matt ‘Daddy’ Thrasher.


Oil Hunks 9

Daddy Matt Thrasher is humbled in strength contents by the giant Mark Muscle, and oils up the muscle god winner.

Super Men 9

A repugnant villain gets even with Power Daddy Matt Thrasher, laying him low and draining his power through contact.

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