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Season 18 Episode 3: Bodybuilder Humiliation 5




Sexy Daddy stud Matt Thrasher just had to tease his fans, sporting a total he-man leopard print pair of trunks for his big matchup. Daddy pounds his rock hard muscles, beckoning any young challenger to come take the fight. The young man that steps in the ring however, is not often referred to as anything other than the Mountain. That’s right, the pretty boy crushing, bodybuilder beating, handsome man destroyer has returned to claim the ring as his own.


Thrasher remains arrogant as hell, strutting, posing, “See these muscles, this perfect body, this gorgeous face.” The handsome hunk, veteran bodybuilder gets right in the Mountain’s face, after the big man’s remark that Thrasher is a bodybuilding piece of shit. Mountain slaps daddy’s chest hard, asserting himself as the dominant force. Thrasher throws his bicep straight into Mountain’s nostrils with a flash of insouciance.


The monster heel is a professional bodybuilder beater though and wastes no time going to work on the back of the older bodybuilder. “Think the Mountain does curls?” shouts the big man as he chokes the life out of Thrasher. Muscle daddy’s muscles spasm with each thunderous shock the Mountain dishes out. A giant diving headbutt to Matt’s abs leaves the bodybuilder prone and spread-eagled.


Daddy’s muscles begin to falter as the Mountain’s beating begins to take its toll. Thrasher struggles to maintain consciousness amidst the bodybuilder-phobic onslaught; the Mountain smells victory, seeking a sweet punctuation to his merciless punishment, he wraps his thick arms around daddy Thrasher to drain the last drops out of his bodybuilder prey.

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