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Charlie Evans

List of Matches:

Gorilla Press 1 

The gorilla press is the ultimate show of strength and dominance and with it Mastodon flaunts his Alpha Superiority.

Super Men 4.4

Super Stud is looking buff and sexy, but a mysterious gentleman with a few riddles has his target set on the mighty hero!


Muscle Master Kevin is THE straight muscle god. He knows it and has always known it- crushing any and everyone in his path, from big muscle guys, to small inferiors that he converts into utterly subservient slaves.

Daddy's Home 5 

Smoking hot daddy Matt Thrasher has just walked in the door to find that his son Charlie has emptied his bottle of booze with the help of his friend Tom.

Hazed And Humiliated 12

Mean bully sargeant Tank exerts his authority as he hazes, dominates, and humiliates submissive new recruit, Charlie Evans.

Oil Hunks 8

Romanian muscle sensation Steel Muscle God has made himself quite at home on American soil, inhabiting the MDW ring like he owns the place.

Hazed and Humiliated 13

The wicked Mountain is all too pleased to flaunt his weight and power on tiny rag doll Charlie Evans,

Fantasy Heels 9

Gingery hot stuff, Charlie Evans is set to go head to head with the ravenous animal Biff Farrell

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 3.21.06 AM.png

Super Men 12

Behold Super Stud in a whole new light- overpowering and demeaning a total Twink with his super powered muscle!

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