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Season 20

Episode 1: Super Men 5.3 

Super Heel has returned. Muscles bursting through his tight black suit, he has decimated the world and sat in his throne to lord over all life.

Episode 2: Oil Hunks 7

Kevin James has come to MDW to make a name for himself, knowing it is the place for muscle hunks to prove who the strongest is.

Episode 3: Hairy He men 4

The ultimate alpha male Morgan Cruise continues to seek out the biggest and the best to face him in the ring.

Episode 4: ZZZ 9

Look no further for a beautiful pair of contrasting muscle men than internet celebrity Steel Muscle God and brown bull Mateus Shogun.

Episode 5: Daddy's Home 6

Smoldering sexy hunk dad Matt Thrasher is becoming accustomed to constant disrespect from young punks.

Episode 6: Bodybuilder Humiliation 7

The Mountain gets his hands all over Darius' perfect shredded black muscles.

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