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Season 19

Episode 1: Daddy's Home 5 

Smoking hot daddy Matt Thrasher has just walked in the door to find that his son Charlie has emptied his bottle of booze with the help of his friend Tom.

Episode 4: Super Men 5.2

Steel Muscle God Bat is apprehending the infamous King Pin. A last minute tonic made by the big King Pin is offered up to the bat.

Episode 2: Hazed And Humiliated 10

Massive shirtless fatass Mountain is airing out his nasty feet proclaiming himself to be the unbeatable big guy, when who should walk in but daddy’s boy Damien Rush

Episode 5: ZZZ 8

Shogun learns that the Boss is ALWAYS in control as he is put in his place.

Episode 3: Oil Hunks 6

Tank and Biff are backstage getting their pump on

Episode 6: Bodybuilder Humiliation 6

Pretty Boy Cal gets assaulted by the jealous, overweight, and angry Mountain.

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