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Season 19 Episode 3: Oil Hunks 6




Tank and Biff are backstage getting their pump on, “Ready to get on stage?” Tank questions. The muscle men are making sure one another get that pump, oiling each other up while they curl some big boy weights. Biff thinks he’s making the lifting look a little bit easier than Tank. Tank tries to stay focused on getting his pump on and hitting his flexes but Biff is berating him, starting to get underneath his skin with his snide remarks and cocky comments. The alpha male tension is brewing hard in the pump room as the oil is lathered upon both beasts. The freaky muscle veins are totally engorged and these bad boys are having trouble containing their competitive nature. A quick pump set with the dumbbells quickly becomes a heated battle to see which muscle man bodybuilder can lift more weight and do more reps. Of course there is only one way to settle the matter of which hunk is stronger and lucky for Biff and Tank they are in the right place; in between the ropes. The stakes are set. The loser will have to oil up the winner head to toe, while the victor walks out of the ring and on stage glistening with a battle heated pump and shining bulging muscles.

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