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Mark Muscle

Mark is available for:

-Private matches

-Cam sessions

-Custom Videos

Book him by:


List of Matches:

Bodybuilder Humiliation 8

Should Mountain’s rage against Bodybuilder pretty boys be quelled by the multiple beatings he has now dispensed against their ranks?

Oil Hunks 9

Daddy Matt Thrasher is humbled in strength contents by the giant Mark Muscle, and oils up the muscle god winner.

ZZZ 11

The biggest muscle god yet has arrived to MDW- And he is just a little too impressive and jacked for Kevin to let his muscles go unpunished.

Fantasy Heels 10

Mark Muscle is the perfect male specimen, and he is ready to show a rude cocky Damien Rush that size does matter.

Super Men 7.1

This confident super hero didn't expect to have his balls zapped!

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