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Season 22 Episode 3: Bodybuilding Humiliation 8




Should Mountain’s rage against Bodybuilder pretty boys be quelled by the multiple beatings he has now dispensed against their ranks? The answer really does not matter; Mountain has is answer and it is hell no! Especially not when they keep bringing in these jacked up freaks with soft Ken doll faces! Just a few flexes from 6 ‘ 4 265+ pound Mark Muscle is enough to reignite and double all the anger Mountain has ever felt towards dumb macho jerk-offs.


“Flex now!” Mountain berates, stretching the unprepared bodybuilder out full length. “You’re not flexing now!” the monster heel sadistically teases. Mark Muscle is wondering what he ever did to land himself in this horrible spot, his uselessly oversized muscles being bent and contorted to his oppressor’s sheer delight.


Just the beating is no longer enough to satiate Mountain’s appetite for humiliating pretty boys. Now it’s all about how many little bits of embarrassment can be squeezed in between big blows and painful submissions. Just sitting on his floor-bound prey has Mountain enjoying himself like a fat kid in a candy store. Mark is a huge guy, but Mountain is mega-sized and the bodybuilder simply can’t budge, with every last muscle straining to do so, against the weight of a seated Mountain. “Fucking bodybuilder motherfucker! You can’t get up; you can’t breathe, you fucking pussy!”


Muscle-bound Mark has no answers for the Mountain’s offense. If Mountain wants to stretch Mark out in a Surfboard that is what is going to happen. Hell, if Mountain simply wants to lie on top of Mark and taunt him forever that is what will happen. The beautiful bodybuilder is completely at Mountain’s mercy and mercy is something Mountain may not even possess, at least not for bodybuilding Ken dolls.

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